About Us

Peri Real Estate is the real estate division of the Eldad Peri Group, an innovative groundbreaking company that specializes in project planning and land improvement as well as developing and building residential and commercial projects in Israel and abroad.

The Company operates in the areas of residential and commercial construction, urban renewal, planning and improvement of land, and organization and management of purchasing groups. Peri Real Estate is currently engaged in the planning and construction of more than 1,500 residential units in Israel, some in the form of entrepreneurship and some in the framework of purchasing-groups. The Company provides its customers with a comprehensive service of the highest standard, including leading Israeli experts in a broad range of fields that include construction, planning and legal aspects. The Company has created an extensive industry network that includes relationships with leading real estate entities, and gladly offers creative solutions tailored to the special requirements of its customers.

The greatest advantage of working with Peri Real Estate is providing a complete, one-stop shop of the highest level of services to all projects in the real estate department and the investments department of the Company:

  • Accompanying leading professionals in the fields of construction, planning, investment and law.
  • A planning department that includes leading professionals in Israel. 
  • Accompanying the legal department of the Eldad Peri Group, specializing in real estate and taxation.
  • An extensive network of contacts with leading real estate and financing entities.
  • Full attention to the Company's customers and providing creative and professional solutions for their various needs.
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Vision and Strategy

Peri Real Estate’s business strategy includes focusing on core activity in real estate entrepreneurship and positioning it as a leader in the field.

The Company's business policy is based on identifying opportunities in real estate, managing and planning projects at top quality level and efficient marketing.

The economic strength of the Company is expressed, inter alia, by creating synergy and business cooperation between investors and sister Companies in the Group; Creating a stable revenue cycle over time and leveraging management capabilities for future growth.

The Company is meticulous about placing tenants and purchasers of projects at the center of attention, and adapting the project and its stages to their various needs, including planning flexibility, environmental development, wide technical specifications, and more.
The vast professional experience of the Company and its employees, the attention to small details and a strong financial ability, have put Peri Real Estate as one of the leading real estate Companies in Israel.

Our vision is to continue to create and initiate in the next few years, unique and high-quality projects in residential real estate.


Eldad Peri
Chairman and CEO of the Group

Eldad Peri is the founder and owner of the Eldad Peri Group. He began his career with a law firm in 2004, and after accumulating expertise in real estate, he expanded his business to new fields of activity, and now wholly owns the Eldad Peri Group and its subsidiaries, from the areas of law, real estate and entrepreneurship. Eldad Peri possesses an attorney license in Israel.