"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Mahatma Gandhi

We believe that corporate responsibility added value to our clients, employees, business partners and the community in which we live and operate.

The approach combines economic, social and environmental considerations in the process of accepting business decisions, while ensuring proper ethical conduct. We, at the Eldad Peri Group, believe that investing in the community through social investment policy, whilst supporting organizations and donating to non-profit organizations, will create an advanced and responsible society for many generations.

Additionally, the Eldad Peri Group encourages and supports the employees of the Company, who carry out varied and dedicated activities for the benefit of the community.

Promoting Israeli PR

Eldad Peri Group manages several subsidiaries that operate in the international business arena and deal with the problematic image of the State of Israel in the world today. Eldad Peri, chairman and CEO of the Eldad Peri Group, understands that the Israeli public relations system cannot stand alone against the huge forces that are boycotting and slandering the State of Israel in the world. Therefore, the Eldad Peri group supports Israeli public relations through activities with the purpose of presenting a different and diverse perspective on Israel, thereby presenting a broader picture of the state.


The Eldad Peri group has launched a campaign for Israeli public relations called "The Wisdom of the Masses," with the understanding that a creative solution will come from the public that lives and breathes the social and political arena. As part of the initiative, the public was invited to propose ideas for improving Israel's image in the world. In order to choose the best idea, a team of judges was formed, with the participation of senior figures in the economy, literature and politics, headed by Professor Alan Dershowitz. The judges awarded the winning idea a sum of 1,000,000 NIS for the purpose of developing the idea and distributing it.

The chosen idea is a web page, in which translated articles that are dealing with the Israeli reality and with Israel's contribution to the world in a variety of fields, will be presented, i.e., information for which most of the world is not exposed.

In order to provide this idea with the largest exposure, the Eldad Peri Group collaborated with Mako, one of the largest news and current events sites in Israel, and together they established the #LOVEISRAEL Page. As a result, the page's exposure increased and it receives hundreds of thousands of entries and shares every day.

Sponsoring the Olympic Delegation in Rio, 2016

The Eldad Peri Group is among the three bodies that sponsored the Israeli delegation to the 2016 Olympics.

We believe that the Olympic athletes carry the Israeli flag and serve as state ambassadors in every respect.Therefore, their success can shed a positive light on Israel's image.

In addition to being the official sponsor of the Israeli delegation at the Rio Olympics, the Eldad Peri Group has taken upon itself to financially support two of the athletes representing Israel at the Olympics - the gymnast Alex Shtilov and the surfer Maayan Davidovitch.

Promoting Youth in Suburbia

These days there is a severe distress in the suburban communities where there is a heterogeneous population, with large groups of minorities that suffer from neglection of many years  .

In these areas, the economic situation is worsening daily and there is a severe shortage of necessary infrastructure, which prevents proper economic and social development. These circumstances have a direct effect on the education system, and as a result this affects the future of the youth in those communities.  As someone who grew up in such a community, Eldad Peri treats the issue of promoting education in this areas as a personal mission and uses all the resources he has to help and assist. The Eldad Peri group has Prioritized the assistance to the youth which is developing in those areas, and has set a clear goal to create a new framework by providing tools and resources for these youth, thus opening up a new world that was not accessible to it in the past.

Password for Every Student

As part of taking great responsibility for the youth in the suburban areas of the country, the Eldad Peri Group participates and contributes in the "Password for Every Student" project. "Password for Every Student" is a social-educational project whose goal is to provide an advanced learning and teaching environment in the education systems in the suburban areas.

The important goal of the programme is to expose students to advanced technology and make it accessible to students in suburbia, to reduce gaps with the leading schools in Israel. Each student, teacher and administrator receive a personal password and they can connect from any computer to the most advanced technological computing infrastructure in the world, and receive a world of personal content, of the classroom, of the school which he is studying, the city and the users of the project. The parents also receive a personal password, and through an application installed on their mobile phones they will be able to receive personal information about their children in an accessible and easy way to help them monitor the student's development.